Swarthmore College

Swarthmore College situated at Philadelphia in USA is one of the oldest liberal arts and engineering colleges of the country.

The Swarthmore College was founded in the year 1864 and is a private & residential educational institution. The college was founded by the Quakers Religious Society of Friends, but today the Swarthmore College is non sectarian in nature.

The college is a coeducational institute and has a total undergraduate student population of about 1500. Swarthmore College is located in a suburban setting and is situated nearly eleven miles south west of Philadelphia. The college also boasts of nearly 400 acre lush green and well maintained campus. Swarthmore College is popular for its natural environmental settings and beautiful buildings.

The college is a part of the ‘tri college consortium’ along with Haverford college and Bryn Mawr college. This also gives opportunity for the students of Swarthmore College to study at these two colleges. The college also offers its student population the opportunity to study abroad and in more than 100 locations.

The college follows a semester based academic program for its undergraduate degree courses. Apart from the usual Honors program, the college also offers Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree program for its students.

The total tuition fee at Swarthmore College is approximately $40000. The Swarthmore College is also famous for its endowment plans for students, which is regarded as the 14th largest per student in the whole of USA.

The faculty at Swarthmore is also known for its research and scholarly activities. The college has a student to faculty ratio of 8:1, which clearly speaks volumes about the small class sizes and collaboration among students. The final examination for the College is usually conducted by outside scholars towards the objective of an impartial evaluation.

Apart from academics, Swarthmore College also supports sports and many college organizations.Some of the notable alumni of Swarthmore College (also referred to as Swarthmoreans) are – Nancy Roman, Chief of Astronomy at NASA and designer of the Hubble Telescope, Michael Dukakis, former Governor of Massachusetts and Robert Zoellick, World Bank President.

To know more about Swarthmore College, Philadelphia, visit the college website http://www.swarthmore.edu and for admission related information, mail admissions@swarthmore.edu