Taking up an Internship & Tips on Internship Interviews

Summer is here and very soon, students will be doing all the running around to get an impressive addition to their Resume. Here are some simple things you need to do to ensure a happy and productive internship!

Identify me!

Most of the times, people don’t realize what they want to learn at their intern workplace. But an impressive name and no practical experience will get you nowhere. Also, you will just waste your time and holidays doing something unproductive. So, it is always better to understand the nature of experience you want. And its utmost important to mention that in your resume

For Example, if you want to be an intern in a Newspaper House, you must mention that you want to learn the nuances of the newspaper journalism etc.

What this does is that it makes the employer believe that you are actually interested in learning something from your stint at their firm. And hence you affirm for yourself betterĀ responsibilities.

Omg! Interview!

So you sent in your internship resume and they seem interested. They send you an interview call. What do you do then!

What is most important to understand in the case of interviews is that the employer is more interested in hiring you than rejecting you. Hence, unless they are he/she Devil, they will be nice to you. What you have to just do is further convince them as to why you are perfect for the job. Here, you have to market yourself without sounding like you’re in love with yourself.

The only way you will know about the status of the interview is when you can analyse the situation. That would require you to be yourself. So, just be yourself. It sounds old, but its an excellent advice. Also, why would you want a job pretending to be someone you’re not?

Dress to impress the interviewer/s. Do not wear anything that is political or offensive. Be formal or semi-formal. Even if you are young, the seriousness in your clothing will only work to your benefit.

During the questions be polite and respectful. Don’t make claims to change the company overnight but if asked, you can politely give constructive criticism that you genuinely feel will benefit the company.