Teaching: A Great and Satisfying Career

The field of education has different levels and it gives plenty of job opportunities for teachers with different qualifications. The teachers have the chance to teach in the primary education, secondary education or special education.

Each job position has its own different role and responsibilities in schools and institution which they have to fulfill for their career growth in the field of education. The vast and wider experience will enable the teachers to reach a better senior position.

The primary teachers are those teachers who teach the students in the elementary levels, preschool and kindergarten. The job position of the primary teachers is much more challenging than that of the secondary teachers in the field of education.

This is mainly because of the wider scope of their job positions. The primary school teachers are allotted to teach almost all the major curriculum subjects, manage and handle all the related aspects of primary education in a given school or institution.

The secondary teacher job positions are much more focused, specific and specialized. The secondary teachers allotted the task to teach the high school or secondary school students. They can choose the subject which they have done in their graduation and teachers training program to teach in the secondary schools.

They should be more focused towards their subject and teach in an understanding manner to the grown up students. The secondary school subjects are mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, history, geography, civics, economics, English and vernacular languages or second languages.

There are two basic types of teachers, the one type of teachers who handle and manage special types of education. The other is Montessori teachers who teach in the Montessori schools. These are not ordinary teachers; their job positions and role are very distinct.

A Montessori teacher is role is to be a guide for the students; it doesn’t involve much teaching whereas the ordinary teachers have to greatly focus on teaching the students the allotted subject in a practical and understanding manners. Apart from these types of teachers the most challenging task are that of the special education teachers who have to handle the handicapped students, mentally retarded students, blind students and dump and deaf students