Teaching Phonics

Your child needs to be taught various things at various stages of his life. A child will only learn something if he is at the appropriate age for it. If the child is not ready he will not be able to understand the concept that you are teaching him.

Even for learning phonics there is a correct age . Most children can begin to learn it by the time they are four years old. By then most of the children are ready and the teaching process is also quicker and happens more smoothly

Phonics is very important in the child’s education programme. The base of phonics is very important as it allows the child to read better later on. Phonics involves learning the sounds of the letters of the alphabet. The child should be able to first recite them in the correct order. Then begin from the letter A and carry on Till you reach Z. Each letter can be taught using a story wherein a lot of other words beginning with the same letter are used. Lots of recap activities can be done on each letter like matching the correct letter to the objects beginning with that sound.

Keep a chart which shows all the letters of the alphabet and make the child stick pictures of things beginning with the letter next to it.You can also keep an alphabet scrap book and allow the child to look for and cut up pictures and stick them correctly in the scrap book.

Phonics forms the base for reading so it is very important that the child knows it well. It is through phonics that the child will be able to make words and also understand their correct pronunciations. Keep showing them the upper and lower case letters and ask them to match these correctly as you will understand if the child can recognise the letters or not.

Do a lot of activities and games that will reinforce the recognition and sounds of the letters. This will all help when you begin to teach the child the formation of words and he will much more easily and quickly grasp the formation of words and will be a quick reader as well.