The Art Institutes

The Art Institutes is a collection of institutes which prepare students for careers in visual, creative and applied arts. Forty Five institutions come under the flag of the art institutes. These institutes are located in cities all around North America. The Art Institute has its headquarters in Pittsburgh and is a division of EDMC (Education Management Corporation). The accreditation of each of the institutes varies from campus to campus.
The Art Institutes provide the students with creative college education; an education based on practices centered on learning and provides the various skills, knowledge and mindset for an enhanced career in an evolving world. The faculty at the Art Institute range from experts in the field to active career people. An environment is created which fosters growth, enhances their creative ideas and invoke team spirit among the students.
Among the courses provided at the institute are Audio production, Computer Animation, Culinary Arts, Culinary Management, Fashion Design and Industrial Design Management, Media arts and animation and photography. Other than these, there are various other courses, but all courses are not offered at each of the institutes. The students of the Art Institutes are employed in top companies of the United States such as MTV, Time Warner, Yahoo, Ford and Microsoft.
The Art Institutes provide financial aid to deserving candidates and give them an opportunity to groom themselves to pursue the career that they desire. The students at the Art Institute not only enroll to successfully complete their academic program, but they also take part in many other co curricular events that happen all around the year. Halloween parties, summer carnivals and fundraisers are just a few of the events on the calendar.
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh has a leadership training program in place which trains the students for six weeks to add to their forte the various attributes of a true leader. Participation in courses such as these give the students an enhanced skill set and the correct attitude to excel in the competitive world. There are a variety of active clubs on campus which bring like minded people sharing the same interests together.