The Best Universities in Europe

When it comes to choosing a destination for pursuing higher education, Europe can be looked at as one of the most preferred options in the world.
This tiny continent can be proclaimed as the hub of education as it boasts of a wide range of internationally acclaimed Universities and courses that vary from history to current issues inclusive of technology and economics, political and social subjects.
One of the main reason students across the world increasing opt for studying in Europe is because of the mix of modernity and rich culture.Also, Europe offers high quality of education in an international environment, with considerably moderate fees.
Now that we know why Europe is one of the most preferred destinations for education, let’s review some of the best institutes of Europe.Some of the most acclaimed and renowned Universities of Europe, which offer a wide range of courses comprise of:
The University of Cambridge, London, no doubt always occupies the no.1 slot in the world, for its quality of education, high standard and unmatched infrastructure.As expected The Oxford University comes next which ranks no.2 in the whole of Europe, again widely renowned for its quality education and varied courses.
Switzerland, that’s best known for its chocolates and holiday destinations, now has also made its mark in the field of education: The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, which aims at providing 360 degree courses inclusive of weather and climate changes, is now counted amongst the top institutes of Europe.
Ranked at no.3, for technology and other scientific courses is the Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology in Norway. World rank .50, the University of Edinburgh, comes to no.5 under some of the best universities in Europe.
Norway occupies another slot in the top ten universities for its excellent curriculum, by way of University of Oslo. London again through its twin universities, University of College London and The University of Southampton, stands as one of the most favoured destination for education.
The University of Helsinki, Finland is ranked next, and is widely acclaimed for its courses in arts and culture, tourism, recreation, research, science, etc.
The University of Vienna that hails from Germany is probably one of the oldest in Germany and is the largest teaching institute in Austria with a exclusive research institution, which is known world over.
As a study destination that offers both quality of education and quality of lifestyle, Europe is the perfect place to develop both academically and personally.