The Cultural Agreements Program To Study In Denmark

There are many scholarships available for foreign students who want to study in Denmark. In fact, many of the scholarships available at the universities in Denmark are government scholarships.

They have been sanctioned by the Danish Agency for International Education under the Cultural Agreements program. This program was signed between Demark and many other countries. Some of these countries were European; while others were non-European.  This agreements regarding studying in Denmark were signed between 1937 till the millennium.

These policies mentioned in this agreement came into effect from 2011. The EU countries that are a part of this agreement are Austria, Belgium, Iceland, Switzerland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, Netherlands  Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, and Lithuania. The agreement offers students from these countries many scholarships to study in Denmark. Some of the well known scholarships in the agreement are Erasmus and Nordplus.

This agreement favors talented exchange students and researchers from the above mentioned EU countries to study at universities in Denmark. The topics the students can choose to study are; Danish language and culture, design, or environmental studies, etc. Most of these scholarships are available only at the postgraduate level. The only exception being, the course on Danish language and literature that is available at the bachelor’s level. There is a pre requisite clause to this also. You must have studied Danish language for at least 2 years before applying.

In addition, you can opt to study these courses on a long term basis or also for summer language programs. Most of the scholarships provided to study in Denmark for a long term period provide a monthly stipend that can cover living and tuition expenses of only one person. Full time degree program students who are already enrolled at universities in Denmark cannot be considered for this scholarship. Also, if you are already studying at any other higher educational institute in Demark, you cannot apply for this scholarship.

Also, universities in Denmark and all concerned authorities want to ensure that the most deserving students become a part of this program. Therefore, they have set criteria for giving out these scholarships. The students who meet most of the criteria requirements can easily gain access to study these courses.

Firstly, the reason and motivation for choosing the program of study should be enumerated lucidly. It is important that they mention Danish language and culture candidly in their reasons to study in Denmark. For instance, they can choose to study any of the following subjects; environmental studies, design, music, architecture, etc. So, the reason should state the field chosen in relation to Danish language and culture.

The lecturers at the universities in Denmark choose the applicants after reviewing their application. Most of these lecturers teach Danish abroad. These applications should also have the reference of an internationally acclaimed Danish lecturer attached to it. Normally, all lecturers are affiliated with different universities in Denmark.

Therefore, before applying to study in Denmark and sending out this application, the candidate is required to contact the Danish university. They should receive an invitation from this university to pursue studies with them. The application forms have to be sent to the ‘The Danish Agency for International Education’.