The Field Of Development Studies

Whenever the field of Development Studies is chosen, we often think about global poverty and inequality found especially in the Third World countries.

This is not so, Development Studies is considered a unique and inter disciplinary branch of Social Science that helps its students to study the many problems and issues related to social and economic development in the developing countries.

Development Studies as a field of education originated first in the United Kingdom. Development studies is a multi-disciplinary field of study, that includes subjects such as – Economics, Anthropology, Geography, Management, Ethics, History, Demography, Education, Communication, Sociology, Philosophy, Women, Migration, Pedagogy, Public health, Engineering etc.

Institutions and Universities across the world have established Development Study centers within their campuses to help prospective students to further their academic career or research work.

Most of these institutions have new courses that engage its students with many contemporary challenges related to global development such as human rights, corporate responsibilities, migration and environmental protection.

The subjects covered in the Development Studies programme range from long term social, economic and political changes related to the growth and development of the countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and the European countries.

For example one of the major areas of study relates to understanding the distribution of wealth and growth opportunities between and within these countries.

In Universities and institutions across the globe, Development Studies is offered in the under graduate and post graduate levels. Undergraduate courses, for example help a student to understand the core concepts in development. The degree offered is usually that of a Bachelor’s of Art (BA).

Development Studies in the post graduate levels is usually offered as a MA degree, M.Sc degree and a Doctorate degree. In the post graduate level, it is also offered as a ‘specialized’ Master’s degree.  A M.Sc degree in Development Studies is beneficial to those students who wish to further progress their academic career by doing research in Development Studies.

The students of Development Studies usually design their own course framework, by mixing courses of historical significance with that related to analytical skills. Also there is a senior year thesis or project paper required, that makes the student excel in a particular area of development study.

A student of Development Studies usually can find a career prospect in globally renowned organizations like the UN, World Bank and the like.