The GED Test – An Introduction

This article is especially for those students who had to stop their high school education due to some reason but still yearn to go to college for higher education. The one step solution for such cases is known as the ‘GED’.

GED refers to General Educational Development. In simpler words it means ‘a test which is equivalent to high school diploma’. Getting a GED certificate after stopping your high school education and can take you to the path to your future college.

The GED test measures a student’s skills and knowledge that matches any high school performance so as to make sure the student is fit for joining college. Not every student who has discontinued high school education can take the GED test.

It depends on a lot of factors such as your last year at school that is how long you were away from high school education. The reasons for discontinuing studies, your life after your education was discontinued, how many hours you get to study now and whether you have any disabilities possibly for learning etc.

The general educational development test usually has five sections– Section one deals with writing skills such as sentence making, structure, organization etc.

The student will also be asked to write essays as part of this section. Section two deals with the candidate’s ability to read especially for reading poetry, fiction works, non-fiction works, drama and other documents.

Section three deals with social studies subjects such as history, geography, economics, civics and government related topics. Section four consists of subjects related to science such as physical science, space science, life science and matters related to our planet.

And finally section five deals with mathematical reasoning and consists of calculations, data analysis, probability theorems, algebra, functions, geometry etc. Each of these sections is rated upon a score of 800 and the pass limit is a score of 450 and above. An average high school student usually scores 500 for each section.

Students can take practice tests and prepare in advance for their GED test with the help of many learning centers which are spread out in the country. GED tests are taken at authorized test centers only. Currently there are more than 2500 authorized test centers in the world. A pass in the GED test is also equivalent to celebrations during your otherwise high school graduation day.