The London school of Economics and Political Science- World Class center for Study and Research in Social Science

The London School of Political Science founded in 1895, is a great social science institution for teaching and research. It is commonly known as London School of Economics or LSE, was ranked to have the highest percentage of world leading research of any UK university by RAE in 2008.

An institution of repute boasts of many famous alumni in the field of business, economics, literature and politics which includes Noble laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners and heads of state.The students flow is from diverse community with around 9000 students from 140 countries. It accords knowledge and skill through a wide array of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in social sciences.

Student’s education is imparted through departments, interdisciplinary institutes and partnering with higher education institutions of international fame. LSE has corroborated universal network with standard Universities across the world.

It also one of the two Universities to teach BSc in Economic History, the other being Cambridge University. LSE  stands tall with great speakers  such as Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, recently Ben Bernanke chair of the US Federal Reserve  gracing prestigious public events .

The most extensive summer schools in Europe is offered at LSE. The High level three week course is  in Accounting, Finance, Law, Economics, Management, and International Relations. LSE has collaborated with Peking University for summer school programs to impart quality education feasible both for university students and professionals, in an exhaustive university level 2 week program.

It lures students from all over the world .The summer programs provide a unique learning experience, paving the way for reinforcing the undergraduate or professional development.The library is comprehensive; it has an access to national and international specialist research collection.

It subscribes to nearly 20,000 e- journals. The language center, comprising The London School of English is accredited by the British Council. Graduates financial needs are met through the Graduate support scheme and Research studentship scheme . Students indulge in sports activities such as rugby,football,tennis ,cricket etc.

The LSE campus nurtures students in an enthralling environment of academics, help them learn about different cultures through their interaction with foreign nationals and host of student support service to aid them ,make it a memorable experience for the students.

They have the opportunity to explore London life. The major cultural attractions beckons the students to have a glimpse of its rich heritage such as the Theatreland, The West End, The Royal Opera House, The British library and British museum.

London school of Economics and Political Science Overview, Courses & Campus