The Marchutz School of Art

The Marchutz School of Art is based on the principles of drawing and painting. Wide range of interesting programs ranging from reading and writing assignments to visual art work are carried out by this institution.It mainly aims in developing a critical sense among the students along with self expression.

The  Marchutz  School of Art is located on ‘Route de Cézanne’. The location provides calm and serene atmosphere along with practical approach. The courses offered by The Marchutz School of Art include an art criticism seminar and also studio courses in drawing and painting. A 3 credit independently study program is also performed by this institute. The courses at The Marchutz School of Art are always open to all students who know and understand French. When you enroll for any course here, it is not necessary that you should have well hands on for performing arts.

The programs offered at The Marchutz School of Art work include work related to music , painting , memory work  Critiques play a very important part in this institution. Individual and Group critiques play a very important role in this institution. Specially designed and developed to nurture the art in each and every aspect of this human world. When a students gets enrolled for the courses in The Marchutz School of Art the person develops the capacity to capture the beautiful aspect of this modern world.

This institution works and maintains on the two fundamental principles of life.The perception of the world which is called as the synthesis of sight and the perception of the art which is called as the insight. Provisions for studying in the museum are also given to all the students with which they can utilize their time in sketching, drawing and painting. This institution also offers encouragement by arranging trips and also emphasizing the importance of the beauty of the world.

Excursions plays an integral part for all the students. The previous destinations include the neighboring towns and small villages. The subject areas include creative writing , art history , archaeology and literature. Museums and galleries are visited by all the students. This institution was founded in the year 1958.