The study of history-A rewarding choice

Have you enjoyed reading and study history, contrary to everyone in your class? No need to get embarrassed about it, you can probably become more famous and richer than most of your mathematics and science loving geeks!

I present a must do’s for all aspiring historians:

1. Before you embark upon this journey, train your mind and body for a good, long study of history. Your interest should alleviate itself to your passion, for only that will sail you through.

2. Decide a college for yourself, which has a good reputation in history. Find out about the kind of finance it would need and work out a smooth flow of finance through your college.

3. Dedicate yourself to study of histrionics and get yourself checked through history-department. Take mentorship from some professor there.

4. Take all of the required history courses for your major, but also take plenty of writing courses to help in your future career. Take electives that will boost your understanding of your historical interest areas.

5. Get your undergraduate degree in history with the highest possible GPA. Take the GRE to get into a graduate history program, and apply to graduate program.

6. Earn a master’s in history to get a job in historical societies, museums, libraries and other venues that need historians on staff.Continue your education for a PhD in history to become a professor of history.

7. Publish historical papers, reports and books whenever possible to establish yourself as an expert in your special interest area.

Historian salary on average is $50,790. Entry-level positions for recent history degree graduates begin around $24,650 per year, while those with more experience and supervisory responsibilities earn up to $93,930 annually.
A historian career is ideal for a person who has passion for and an intellectual curiosity of historical milestones in the past and the ways in which they have affected modern society and culture.