The University of Florence, Italy

The University of Florence is located in Florence, Italy. It is an important centre for higher education in Italy. The University of Florence is one of the oldest universities in Italy. It was founded in the year 1321 and was granted the status of a deemed university in 1923.The University accommodates around 60,000 students and incorporates 12 faculties namely; the Faculties of Agriculture, Architecture, Arts, Economics, Education, Engineering, Law, Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences, Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacology, Political Science, and the Faculty of Psychology.

The University of Florence offers several undergraduate, Master’s and doctorate programs. The university offers 84 Master’s programs and around 87 postgraduate programs. All the courses are taught in Italian and it is a pre-requisite that international students must fulfill the language requirement.

The University of Florence offers various facilities to its students, including libraries, research facilities, university canteen, etc. Recreational activities like sports are also offered. The University of Florence also incorporates and maintains, a national history museum, The Museo di Storia Naturale di Firenze, a botanical garden, Orto Botanico di Firenze, and the Institute and Museum of the History of Science.

EU/EEA students do not require a resident permit to stay in Italy. However, if their stay is longer than 3 months they have to apply for a certificate at the Register office of the Municipality where they live. Non-EU students are required to apply for a residency permit within 8 days of their arrival in Italy. Non-EU students must also apply for pre-admission at the Italian consulate in their country of origin.

Students who wish to apply must also meet the educational requirements of the University of Florence. Non-EU students also have to take an Italian language test. Students are required to have at least a level B1 in Italian.Elementary courses in Italian are not offered by the university.

An Admission test is conducted for all students  who want to enroll in degree programs like Laurea degrees in Medicine, Architecture, etc. Student visas are granted to students who have suitable accommodation, health insurance, enough financial means to support themselves, a return-ticket to their country or money to purchase one.  Erasmus Mundus  scholarships are offered to both EU and non-EU students.


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