The University of New South Wales, Australia

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is situated in Kensington, outside Sidney, in Australia. The University of New South Wales was set up in the year 1949. The university is a member of Universitas-21, which is an international affiliation of universities which are renowned for the research they do.

Apart from Universitas-21, the university is also a member of the Group of Eight, which is a lobby of eight tertiary institutions in Australia.

The University of New South Wales  not only occupies a position of prominence in not only the Australian but the international higher education system, it is also known for its intensive programs, serious research and notable faculty all over Australia and most parts of the world.

It is a fantastic university for students from across the globe to come and study at, not only because of its location and educational structure, but also because being an alumnus of UNSW carries a lot of weight everywhere in the world. The university has deveoped a very strong reputation especially in the fields of quantum computing, information technology, communication technology, HIV/AIDS research, electrical, chemical and bio-medical engineering, nanotechnology etc.

In 2009, the University of New South Wales was ranked at number 47th in the world in a survey by THES World University Rankings. It was also ranked at number 5 in all of Australia. Apart from this fact, UNSW and its schools and faculties have always been ranked within the top 100 best universities (schools, faculties, and programs as applicable) in the world.

The Australian School of Business (business school of the University of New South Wales) was ranked at number 32 in the world in 2009 by The Financial Times Global MBA Rankings.

Even though this was a drop from the 2007 position (23rd position best Executive MBAprogram in the world), it is still very commendable to be consistently in the top 50 in the word for such programs, where infrastructure, student quality and annual salary packages vary widely from year to year.

The UNSW tops the list when it comes to research grants provided to Australian universities as well. In 2008, it received the highest highest level of funding in Linkage Grants from the Australian Research Council.

The main schools and faculties at the UNSW are:

* The Australian School of Business
* Arts and Social Sciences
* Australian Defense Force Academy
* Engineering
* College of Fine Arts
* Medicine
* Science
* Built Environment

The University of New South Wales has 76 schools, 6 institutes, 69 research centers, 8 residential colleges and 4 teaching hospitals. The total number of students in this huge establishment is around 40,000. The University of New South Wales is a favored university both among indigenous Australian students as well as international students from almost every country in the world.


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