The University of Texas, Austin

The University of Texas, Austin, is the very model to behold, for the fact that it is directed towards the economic development of the nation. The university aims at making the students expertise the knowledge imparted by them. The basic objective of the university is to provide such talents that aid in the overall financial growth and stability. It has been ranked by the times of London, as the 15th best university on global levels.

The university facilitates state of the art museums, libraries and athletic facilities. These are the biggest attractions and they also contribute to enhancing the overall tourist crowd at the place. They aim at developing such innovative brains which can bring changes for the betterment. Owing to the high quality education imparted by the university, it has been constantly receiving high rankings by most of the surveys carried on.

There is a huge scope for research activities carried on in the university. The funds amount to a huge sum, of around $400 million, totally devoted for research purposes. There are around 90 research units within a single campus. Amongst the other achievements made by it, the university has managed to attain 400 patents for itself. Talking about the achievements, in the field of athletics, the number is not less.

The university is the proud owner of about 88 victories in Olympics. The university has also attained around 40 national championships to add to its credit. Since its operation began for the first time in 1996, there have been an ever increasing number of participants, both men and women who participate in these activities. The very popular and known landmark, under the name of the UT tower is a part of the university since 1937.

Bevo is also a very popularly known landmark present within the university. The other common figure known there is the “Eye of Texas”, which owes its origin to years that date back to about 1903. The resources that the university provides are unbeatable and they have their own stand. The library present here, is the fifth largest library when compared all over the world. This is an honorable figure, and it provides the finest collection of the academic knowledge.