Start Your Career As A Model

Modeling is emerging to be a very hot career option among youth. The glamour quotient in this profession is very attractive. But, there are many challenges in the path that leads to modeling. It is an extremely grueling and demanding profession.

Tips And Facts Of Modeling Career

It requires one to put in long hours of intensive physical labor. You will have to adopt a strict and healthy lifestyle 24 hours daily. You will have to workout and diet regularly. In addition, a grooming routine is a must. Also, every model has to maintain a healthy complexion.

Some of the prime requirements in this profession are; physical fitness, beauty, and expressive personality. Beauty is the most important criteria. You need clear skin, lustrous mane, attractive features, etc. There are height and weight criteria also to be fulfilled. It is best to work with a physical fitness trainer to assess your fitness level. In addition, you should also possess qualities like communication skills, interpersonal skills, patience, confidence, etc. A dash of business skills would be great. Charisma is also an important quality. One of the most crucial requirements is that you should be energetic at all times.

Modeling is becoming recognized as a lucrative career option. The paycheck is very good, especially if you can land good assignments. However, remember that work available is very limited in this profession. Very few people become successful models. However, don’t give up hope without trying your best. Even the most famous models have been rejected about 70% of the times. Keep that in mind when you venture out to become a model. Also, take all feedback provided critically and work on it. The struggling period is an extremely crucial phase for every model.

In addition, there are many types of modeling careers in the industry. You must decide upon your niche, ideally something that goes with your personality. You can opt to become a runway, lingerie, catwalk, commercial, print, or a catalogue model. Still modeling for print advertisement and catalogues are good options. There are also models who take assignments only for foot, hair, hand, face, etc. If you have a full curvaceous figure, you can qualify to become a plus sized model. Runway or catwalk models are typically very skinny and tall. If you have a lean full figure, then opt to become a lingerie model.

Tips And Facts Of Modeling Career

You must make your portfolio before looking for assignments. Just get photographs clicked from a good photographer. They will also prepare your portfolio. You can also use snaps that have been clicked casually. Ensure that they are not very small; a size of about 9 by 2 inches is required.  It is important to ensure that the snaps are good as they will lead you to an interview. Outline your ambitions and future goals.

A portfolio is a collection of your pictures. These must be varied and taken from different angles. If possible, use pictures from different shoots. Otherwise, they will look the same. Black and white snaps are quite cool. A portfolio contains snaps with shots of head, body, in action and editorial. The body shots should be in swimwear as well as casual wear. Wear minimal jewelry or none at all.You can also make a comp card. After all the basics have been thought through, you will be all set to visit modeling agencies.

Make a list of popular modeling agencies and co-ordinators in your city. They might take your measurements and make you do some test modeling. This could require you to pose for snaps or even walk around. You can also try to participate in modeling contests. You can also try getting in touch with fashion magazines, advertisement agencies, etc. There are a number of websites that put up jobs in modeling. Check them out and apply to the positions.

If you are invited for an interview, remember to get all spruced up, Wear comfortable and professional clothes. Your hair should look neat; try to pull it back. Your hands and legs should be well-manicured. Your appearance should be neat and formal. Don’t think that just because you are going for a modeling trial, you need to wear loads of makeup and a quirky outfit. In fact, try to go sans makeup.

Tips And Facts Of Modeling Career

Professional ethics are a very important part of modeling. Always be on time and talk politely. Ask about make-up artists and if they would be required in the test shoot. You have to show that you are interested and eager to take this up as a career option. Take a chaperone with you to a test shoot. During any interview, always be truthful about your body size, height, etc. Create a website to propagate yourself. Take advice from professionals like model managers and photographers.

You can also attend modeling schools. Some of the schools are even recognized by the Board of Education. However, this is not a must for this profession. Most of the skills for this profession are learnt through experience. But, if you want to spend some time acquiring skills and understanding the industry, you can opt for a school. They charge a whooping fee, so you should consider the investment.

However, think before you pick any assignment. Do it only if you are comfortable with all the requirements of the assignment. Read the contract carefully and understand if you will be required to work only with one agency. The contract should enlist the right of the model also. Be wary of agencies that ask for payment before you have received an assignment. The credible agencies take only commission, part of the fees when a contact is agreed upon.

In some cases, fees are required to represent you. These agencies will spend time training you. They will teach you to pose, walk and talk in the profession. They will also promote you in the industry. You can also spend time acquiring skills. One very important skill is to learn how to walk the ramp. Some modeling agencies teach you such skills. Get to know about the modeling industry. Basic knowledge about what is happening and current favorites among the masses shows your inclination.