Tips on Becoming a Model

Whenever you look yourself in the mirror, do you feel that you have the looks and the attitude to become a model? Or is becoming a model your childhood dream. In either case, you need to work hard towards it as becoming a model is not a simple task.  Although, you may be picture perfect to become a top model in the fashion industry, but without the right guidance and little bit of luck, you wont be able to reach at the position where you intend to reach.

Following are the career tips for becoming a model:

Good Physical appearance is a pre requisite of becoming a model. Both male and female models, especially the ramp models, apart from being thin and fit need to have a certain minimum height. For female models, the minimum required height is usually in the range of 5.6-5.8. Whereas, In case of male models, the minimum height needed is 5.11-6.0.

The first step that you need to take before starting your modeling career is to prepare a portfolio of yours. Get your pictures shot from a well known professional photographer. Don’t get it done from any random photographer as your portfolio will do rounds of many modeling agencies and will get you work too. Select the photographer only after seeing his previous work which he has done for other wannabes or models. Don’t spend too much money on the portfolio and get it done from a photographer who has good body of work rather than who is famous or popular in the modeling circuit.

Once your portfolio is ready, make sure that you circulate it around various modeling agencies.  While browsing through various modeling agencies, you might come across agencies who will ask upfront money from you. Don’t fall in to their trap. Make sure to prepare well for your interview in these agencies. Be confident during the interview process. As mentioned above, looks although important are of no use if not supported by the right attitude and confidence.

You can also join modeling classes in order to learn about nitti gritties of modeling. There are various modeling schools that teach you how to walk, the poise, confidence and so on.

Collate all the information about the modeling world from the internet, print media and books. Make sure you know about the happenings in the modeling world and should not be surprised or shocked at any incident or situation in the onset of your career. There are many stories you might read or hear about the modeling world, which might discourage you or scare you. But always remember one thing, that every profession has good and bad people. If you are honest and committed to your profession, nothing or no one can deter you or take advantage of you.