Top Five Business Schools In USA

If there is a place called Mecca of Higher Education, it has to be, without an ounce of doubt, United States of America. It gets even more pronounced in the case of American business schools and their courses.

It has become more of a norm to see US business schools dominate the top order of almost every ranking of top universities in the world. The article ahead discusses top-5 business schools of US. Their sequence does not necessarily signify their ranking, but they are the leaders for sure.

Stanford University

Often ranked as one of the best, Stanford Graduate School of Business offers a full-time two year MBA program that costs $48,921 per year in tuition. Though the institute offers many specializations, the one offered in entrepreneurship is considered as the best. A highly distinctive facet of the Stanford way of teaching is to give the least prominence to grades.

Harvard Business School

In a single sentence the Harvard is a class apart. As one of the oldest business schools in the US, it is by any yardstick the most selective among all. Its two year MBA programs cost around $43,800 per year in tuition. The HBS makes extensive use of technology and internet in particular to train a batch of around 900 students in its full-time program.

The Wharton School

The Wharton School is synonymous with flexibility and everything par ordinary. Though, the school offers numerous full time executive management courses, it is considered the best for finance related programs. This student centric school charges $44,480 yearly as tuition from full-time students and brings global perspective in its courses.

Kellogg Institute of Management

The Kellogg institute of management offers a number of courses in full-time, part-time and executive MBA segments. Its Executive MBA courses are considered the best in the world. The popular perception about the school is that of a good marketing school and it charges around $46,791 per year in tuition from full-timers.

MIT Sloan School of Management

Unlike popular perception MIT based Sloan is not a top performer only in tech related management courses, but also in all other branches of management education. It offers full-time MBA and various executive programs. Full-time students pay $46,784 as tuition fee per year. Then, what is there to wait for? Gun for the best when it comes to business management courses.