Top Medical Schools In The United States

Many students aspire to join one of the top medical schools in the United States of America. You need to give in years of hard work to qualify for any of the top league medical schools. There are hundreds of medical colleges in US but everyone dreams to study in one of the top 5 or top 10 medical schools.

It is a real Herculean task to select the top medical schools as there are many medical schools which can vie for this envious position. Every year thousands of applicants pray to get admission into any of these medical schools. No wonder, some of them are actually voted as one of world’s best.

John Hopkins University

This is a private institute located in the state of Maryland. The university started operations in 1876 and there are as many 30 Nobel Prize winners from this prestigious institute. The institute has earned worldwide recognition for their research in the field of malaria.

Harvard University

Everyone is aware that Harvard Medical School is not only the best in US but ranks among the top 5 medical schools of the world. The Harvard is the dream school for many students and it has earned its fame in its research in different medical fields. Asthma and Attention Deficit Disorder the two key areas where Harvard Medical School continues to excel through its research and innovative work. The University is located in Boston and is home to some of the best doctors of the world.

Duke University

The Duke University is located in Durham and is a private university. Though not as illustrious as the previous two medical schools yet it carved a name for itself in the field of medicine.

Washington University

Washington University is located in the State of Missouri and is one of the leading private research institutes. People from different nationalities come here to study and it is said that as many as 100 nations are represented through its students. The university has made some big strides in the medicinal research work and is presently in the process of finding a cure for cancer from bee wax.

Stanford University

You just cannot ignore Stanford University when you are discussing about the top medical schools in the United States. The school is in South California and it is said that you need to be a real good student to have any chance of studying in this prestigious university.