Top US Colleges For Movie Makeup Artists

If you are interested in pursuing an artistic and unique career, love the world of glitz and glamour where you get to mingle with movie stars, you might be interested in pursuing a course to qualify being a movie make-up artist. A career as a make-up artist is a good way to use your creative and artistic abilities while earning a decent income (Being a movie make-up artist also gives you a chance to win an Oscar!).

A make-up artist works under the effects department in movie production. From scars, blood stained faces, over-large noses and pointy ears to more realistic make-up; a make-up artist has a variety of things to work on in movie production(Where would movies like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings be without those gifted make-up artists who helped transform actors into fantastical creatures?).

When it comes to choosing a good college to start your make-up artist career there are many options in the US (after all this country is home to the Hollywood Stars!) and the only difficulty is choosing the right one for you. Here are some of the top US colleges for movie make-up artists to help make that choice easier.

Top US Colleges For Movie Makeup Artists

Empire Beauty Schools

Empire Beauty Schools has several institutes across the US (New York, Arizona, California, Massachusetts, etc) and offers programs in Cosmetology (which covers hair styling and cutting techniques, color and texture services, basic skin care, makeup, etc.), Makeup Artistry (where you learn to apply makeup for theatrical shows, etc.), and more.

Top US Colleges For Movie Makeup Artists

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Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts, which has been taken over by the Empire Education Group, is another good option. The Academy was started by the famous Hollywood make-up artist Marvin Westmore, and offers courses to supplement your degree.

MKC Academy For Fashion, Beauty & Print

The MKC Academy for Fashion, Beauty & Print (also called MKC Beauty Academy), which was started by make-up artist Margaret Kimura, is another popular institute.

US Colleges For Movie Makeup Artists

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The Academy is located in Los Angeles, California but also has a branch in Rome. Some of the courses offered by the MKC Beauty Academy include a Masters Program in Fashion, Beauty & Print, Professional Makeup Artist Program, Advanced Makeup Artist Program, etc.

Make-up Designory

Make-up Designory (MUD), founded in 1997 in North Hollywood is another good option for make-up artists. MUD has campuses in California, New York and Europe.

Colleges For Movie Makeup Artists

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Programs offered by the Make-up Designory institute include, Fashion Make-up Artistry Program, Film and Television Make-up Artistry Program, Multimedia Make-up Artistry Program, Master Make-up Artistry Program, etc.

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Cinema Makeup School

Cinema Makeup School (which is located in Hollywood) offers a number of courses for the aspiring make-up artist like, Film & Television Make-up program, Digital FX Make-up, Prosthetics Make-up, Character Make-up, Special Make-up Effects, Creature Maquette Sculpture, and more.

Movie Makeup Artists

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Other colleges for movie make-up artists include FACE Academy; Joe Blasco Makeup Schools, which has campuses in Hollywood and Orlando (These schools offer Professional Makeup Artistry courses, etc.); EI School of Professional Makeup (offers a one year course in Artistry of Makeup, which covers beginners prosthetics, film makeup, etc.); Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry (offers courses in Production Makeup Artistry, etc.), and more.