Types Of Institutes In Finland

There are two types of institutes offering higher education in Finland; namely universities and polytechnics. Polytechnics are also known as universities of applied sciences. The universities in Finland are funded by the state and provide higher education based on research. Let’s take a closer look at both and try to understand the basic difference between them.


All the universities promote free research, scientific and artistic learning. There are four types of degree programs taught at universities; namely bachelors, masters, postgraduate licentiate and doctoral degree programme. The extent of study is measured in ECTS credits, where one year of full time study is equivalent to 60 credits.

There are three levels of study at Finnish universities; namely basic, intermediate and advanced. The course content is taught by conducting lectures, exercises, seminars and other methods of instruction. The students are graded on basis of examination results and independent assignments like essays.

Each university selects its candidates independently. The basis for selection of candidates is usually grades in previous studies and results of entrance examinations. Good command over English is necessary and one must produce relevant documents to prove the same.

Moreover, students must be prepared to take entrance exams for certain degree programs. You can easily apply to the universities online at www.universityadmissions.fi. This is a free centralised admission service for all Finnish institutes.


The polytechnics, on the other hand, have closer contacts with the industry. The alliances are very strong at the regional level, with business groups, industries and the service sector. They offer more dynamic professional degrees that meet the needs of the changing world. They do not charge tuition fees, only fees for tuition materials.

The polytechncis offer bachelors and master degree programs.They offer degree programs in the field of humanities, education, culture, social sciences, social services, tourism, catering, business administration, natural sciences, natural resources and environment, technology and  communication,  etc.

They set their own criteria for admissions. The entry requirements include upper secondary education, matriculate examination, professional basic examination or equivalent degrees. You can apply for bachelor degree programs taught in English at Finnish polytechnics online through www.universityadmissions.fi. One application form allows applying at four different bachelor degree programs.