Understanding The Early Admission Process

Students and parents are generally not aware of one important factor when they begin their college admission process which is – the early application decision.

Most top schools in the country offer the advantage of early admissions. But you must understand the process fully well before you decide to apply early.

The most common question that haunts the students and the parents alike is – what is Early Admission? As the name suggests, it has earlier application and acceptance dates. This means that the student must be ready well in advance with the necessary scores of the standardized tests, essays and recommendation letters.

You must keep in mind that both the parents and students must be aware of the early dates and ensure that nothing is neglected and no detail is left out. Before you start wondering why, let me tell you that there are huge benefits involved in applying early.

There are a number of schools that admit more students through the early admission process that the regular admission process. So this obviously means that your chances are brighter when you apply early. In fact, reports suggest that Ivy League schools admit almost 50% of the students through early admission process. But this makes the process very competitive and the acceptance rate is as low as 10%.

Another advantage of early application is the number of merit scholarships. There are a number of schools which offer merit scholarships to applicants who apply early. But each school has a different policy, so make sure that you investigate each and every school before taking a final call. But Ivy League schools offer only need based scholarships.

Types of Early Application:

There are two major types of early applications – Early Decision and Early Action. Early Decision is a legal contract between the student and the college. If you are accepted, then you must withdraw all other applications and agree to attend the school. If the contract is broken then you might find it difficult to get admitted into another school. So weigh all the pros and cons before deciding to go for Early Decision.

Early Action is as beneficial as Early Decision but without any legal binding. Students can still apply to other schools and make a final decision later on. But whatever method you choose, it is good to demonstrate honesty and integrity. You must understand all the rules, regulations and the possible ratifications of your decisions.

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