Universities In Denmark: Bachelor Degree Programs

If you want to study in Denmark for any bachelor’s level courses, you require good educational qualifications and sometimes work experience of 2-3 years. Additional criteria might also apply.

Sometimes, entrance exams are conducted to ascertain the talent of the candidate. This is a very common practice with art and music universities in Denmark. At times, individual institutes mention their own criteria for acquiring admission.

There are three types of degree courses at universities in Denmark at a bachelor’s level. First, there is the 3 year bachelor’s degree programs offered by research universities. Second is the 3-4 year bachelor degree programs offered by university colleges and higher education colleges. These courses have a professional and practical focus and are available in subjects such as business, education, and engineering. Third is the 2 year long programs offered by academy profession degrees in various professional fields such as business, technology, tourism, etc.

There are also Academy Profession degrees at the bachelor’s level, which are basically 2-year professional degrees offered by vocational colleges. Only select colleges meeting quality standards are allowed to give out  Academy Profession degrees. Many colleges offering such degrees have formed a network for regional cooperation, known as ‘Academies of Professional Higher Education’.

The ‘Academy Profession degree (AP program)’ offer courses in the field of business and technology. They aim to educate students on practical and vocational tasks. They offer theoretical education and also a 3 month long project. The students get hired to for analytic roles in middle management positions.

If you want admission in the ‘Academy Profession degree (AP program)’ offered by universities in Denmark, then you will require to have completed an upper secondary program or a relevant vocational training. Also training along with completion of an appropriate upper secondary program would suffice. All these profession degree programs have a duration of 2 years, with the exception of only one program. This is the datamatiker programme in computing, which requires an extra quarter of a year for completion.

Some of the subjects you can study in this program are Technology and Energy, IT and Electronics, Laboratory Technician, Textile, Clothing and Design, Agriculture, Food Industry, Hotel and Tourism, Construction, Industrial Production, Media, International Marketing, Communication, Retail Trade, and  Finance.

All colleges offering bachelor degree programs have to ensure that their courses meet academic and professional standards. Some of the criteria to be met are; teaching should be in synchronization to meet requirements of the practical applications in the industry. Also, the colleges are required to have links   to national and international research on the subjects. The bachelors programs offered by all universities are the same in Denmark at the national level. There are no ordinary, special or honor’s degree’s meted out at any particular university. These degree’s can be in the fields of arts, science, business administration, law etc.