Universities In Denmark

There are many eminent universities in Denmark providing commendable learning opportunities. You can study an individual study program in Denmark or even add credits to your existing national degree.

All institutes of higher education in Denmark can be categorized into two types, university and college sector. The college sector is also called the professionally oriented higher education sector.

All the universities in Denmark strive to achieve high academic standards. The universities offer degree programs of very high academic standards; they also have doctorate and research programs. There are approximately 8 universities in the country. Earlier there were around 12 universities. But, after a merger of a few universities in 2007, there are only 8 universities in Denmark now.

The 8 universities in Denmark are; University of Copenhagen, University of Aarhus, University of Southern Denmark, Roskilde University, Aalborg University, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen Business School, and IT University of Copenhagen. The college sector in Denmark boasts of around 100 colleges. Most of the colleges offer bachelor degree programs to study in Denmark. Education standards at these colleges are also very fine.

Universities in Denmark offer courses in a variety of disciplines, such as engineering, biotechnology, environmental studies etc. The academic culture here, not only encourages learning but also helps inculcate skills that have practical applications in the industry. This is because many universities in Denmark have an alliance with business organizations.

Some of the universities in Denmark offer study programs in a multitude of disciplines. Whereas, others offer only specialized courses in specific streams such as engineering or business management. Most of these specialized universities in Denmark offer in-depth courses in music, art, architecture etc.

Colleges in Denmark offer education in arts, science, business, technology etc. Denmark’s International Study Program is a college of fine arts, design, film and theatre. Other renown institutes in this field are;  The Jutland Academy of Fine Arts, Danmarks Designskole, Designskolen Kolding,  The Danish School of Media and Journalism, Statens Teaterskole og Moderne Dans etc.

Some colleges offering business programs are Dania Danish Academy of Business and Technology,  International Business Academy at Kolding, Business Academy of Higher Education at MidtVest, Zealand Institute Business and Technology, Business Academy Southwest, Business Academy Aarhus and Copenhagen Business Academy.

All universities in Denmark have numerous programs in English. However, quite a few programs are taught in Danish also. If you are interested in studying these, then you must pass the Studytest in Danish or ‘The Danish Test 2;’ sometimes even The Danish Test 3. However, most of the programs offered by universities in Denmark require you to be proficient in English.