University of California, San Diego- Research University

University of California,San Diego founded in 1960 is located in La Jolla, San Diego California, also known as UC San Diego is a full-fledged public research university.

It is committed in imparting education par excellence at undergraduate, graduate, professional school and post doctoral levels.

It is ranked the fourteenth best university in the world by the academic ranking of world universities. The undergraduates, masters and Ph.D programs are ranked by the journal of foreign policy as the top 20 international development programs. USCD a pioneer in climate science research boasts of being one of the greenest universities in the nation.

UCSD is endowed with variety of disciplines enabling the students to choose the degrees from a wide gamut of traditional to innovative to interdisciplinary academic programs. One of the finest feature university is the students have the opportunity of interacting and working with the Nobel laureates giving an edge to grow intellectually with great opportunities.

USCD a renowned research center recently ranked as the 5th in the nation for annual federal research and development spending, spans traditional and innovative fields in research such as nanoscience, climate science and neuroscience.

The USCD researchers have earmarked their achievements and earned international acclaim winning Nobel and Pulitzer winners. The USCD medical center is ranked among the best in the nation in six specialty areas which include respiratory disorders, rheumatology, kidney disorders, cancer, urology and psychiatry according to the 2009 US News and World Report.

The financial aids for pursuing education are funded by the federal and state government and the University of California. The different types of aids include grants, scholarships, summer session financial aid, study abroad, veteran benefits aid, work- study (a self help aid through student employment programs) and aids through other funding sources.

USCD offers students participation in a variety of sports such as swimming, soccer, volley ball, track and field athletics, golf, tennis etc. Recreation includes aquatics, intramural sports, outback adventures, recreation clubs, wellness programs etc.

The main campus set is situated near the pacific ocean .The main attraction is the decorum of the campus with public art projects such as the Stuart collection, Stonehenge, sun god statue etc. It also has Birch aquarium, public museum, the San Diego super computer center etc.

Learning at USCD enriches with knowledge and allows to explore the different opportunities present in the campus making a cherishble and memorable experience