University of Leeds

The University of Leeds is situated in the West Yorkshire and is a member of the Russel group. This university is specially renowned for undergraduate courses. This university gives a wide range of interdisciplinary degrees.

This university stands among the largest universities of U.K. In 2009 it had the world ranking of 99. In order to acquire proper skills the university offers career advice and support. This enables the University of Leeds to present with widest choice of courses.Environmental concern is an important component of  University of Leeds. In order to satisfy this campaign they have designed specially environmental friendly bags and didtibuted it among their students . The library at University of Leeds consists of many books on 6,000 electronic books and 26,000 print journals. The journal also consists of 26,000 electronic journals. This library consists of the total books of 2.78 million books. This makes it possible for it to be one of the largest research oriented libraries in the world.

The programs facility provided for students include Politics, Philosophy, Medicine/ and Medical Sciences, International Relations,Studies/Affairs, Health/Para-medical Studies, Electronic/Electrical Engineering, Dentistry, Civil/Structural Engineering, Geography. Thiere are also many courses in Business/Management and Languages. The languages offered includes French, German, English etc.

This university offers accommodation facilities for students in self catered rooms and also external accommodation providers. This university offers education to all the students by playing an important role in the improvement of modern higher education. This university also offers subjects like Colour Chemistry and Fire Science. Over the years it has proved its excellence in teaching. The teaching at University of Leeds is carried out with the help of research base and also by using latest technologies. The campus of this university is located in the North of Leeds city centre.

The University of Leeds has been awarded 27th in Europe according to The Times Higher Education Supplement .This university offers scholarships for meritorious and excellent students. The Financial Times describes Leeds as the European metropolis for the 21st Century. This university offers traditional and vocational courses for students.

Recently the Faculty of Biological Sciences at the University of Leeds conducted a series of rich experiments on crowd behaviour. This program included around 8 students to be in a group in a specified area. With this they came to the conclusion that the human behaviour plays an important role in the success of a particular individual.