University Of Sussex In U.K And Its Subjects Offered

An English campus, situated next to East Sussex village of Falmer, in the city of Brighton and Hove, University of Sussex had been given the 8th in rank in United Kingdom and 79th in the world by Times Higher Education.

It was founded in 1960; the university is divided into several Schools of Study to impart multidisciplinary subjects to its aspiring students. Initial years of its construction made it the only English University that is located amidst amazing picturesque natural beauty.

Along with the conventional subjects that are taught in the university, this esteemed university also imparts subjects that reach beyond the fetters of Arts/Science division. Thus by the early part of year 1990, the subjects that were developed were African and Asian studies, Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Molecular Science, Cognitive and Computing Science, Cultural and Community Studies plied Science, Engineering and Applied Studies, English and American Studies, European Studies, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Social Sciences.

During the 40th anniversary celebration of Sussex University in 2001, it was decided that the there would be major changes in the Arts and Science curriculum. There will be specified departments for teaching based on the school courses. They wee Humanities, Life Science, Science and Technology, Social Science and Cultural Studies, Sussex Institute.

After the adoption of a new organizational structure in 2009, it got its name as “School of Studies”. It was then also decided that instead of a traditional “Dean”, each school will be headed by “Head of Schools”; many of whom were appointed externally while some remained from the internal body.

Thus various department started and the various subjects that it offers its students can be briefed as Engineering, Biosciences subjects like Genetics, Molecular Cell Biology, Neurosciences, Development Genetics, Management courses like Finance, Accounting and Strategy, International Management, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Development Studies like Psychology, Economics, English, International Relations.

There are a variety of other subjects also like Mechanical, Automotive, Electronics, Satellite Communications, Aerospace Technology, Embedded Systems, Computer Science and Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Web Technology, History, Art History, Philosophy, Media, Film and Music, Education and Social Work, Law, Politics and Sociology, Global Studies.