University of Zurich

The University of Zurich was established in 1833 and is considered one of the foremost places of education and research. It is the premier Swiss seat of Higher Education and has around 2 000 lecturers in around 140 institutes.

It also boasts of a broad range of subjects and courses. The University of Zurich is regarded as the largest university in Switzerland with 24 000 students and almost 2 000 graduates passing out every year.

The University works in close collaboration with the private sector provides academics related services and is known as the numero uno seat of learning in Switzerland. It has a large national and international network that works for the proper dissemination of knowledge among all.

The university has earned a reputation for its far reaching research work in the field of molecular biology, brain research and anthropology. The University Hospital and the Vet Hospital is also very well known. The University offers world class infrastructure which benefits the researchers, students and the lecturers. Globally it is an established name in education and research.

The students of the University have full access to the library facilities, archive collections, all the facilities at the Federal Institute of Technology and many other private institutions of the city. There are nine museums which cover subjects from Anthropology to Zoology According to QS World University Rankings the University of Zurich is comfortably placed at 92 with the Life Science and Bio Medicine Department getting a rank of 58.

The University has 9 785 undergraduate students of which 1 434 are international students. The average international undergraduate studies fees are 1059 Euros and around 70% of the graduates get employed after passing out with their degrees. The University offers FT programs in Anthropology, Biological Sciences, Business Management, Computing, Performing Arts, Earth Sciences, Economics, Finance, Geography, History, Humanities, Law, Mathematics, Medicine, Physical Sciences, Sociology, Theology and Zoology.

The University is continuously making changes in the curriculum according to global demand and does all kinds of assistance to international students. The entry requirements are a bit strict but that is expected from a center of excellence. The website for the university is –