Useful Facts on Studying in Finland

There are two types of institutes in Finland, namely the universities and polytechnics. These offer various bachelors, master and doctoral level programmes.

The bachelor’s degree in Finland is of three years and is considered to be an intermediate degree. Whereas, the master’s degree of five years is deemed as the basic degree in Finland.

There are approximately 164,000 students at Finnish universities. About 6,000 of them are international students who have come to study degree programmes. While, around 5,350 international students are a part of exchange programs. There are about 132,500 students at polytechnic universities, of which 6,500 are international degree students and 3,500 are international exchange students.

There are approximately 11,500 foreign students studying in Finland from more than 100 countries. In addition, approximately 800 students come to Finland every year as a part of exchange programs. About 700 students coming to Finland are awarded scholarships each year.

The universities in Finland offer four types of degrees, bachelor, master, licentiate and doctoral. The duration for bachelor’s degree is three years and they are worth 180 ECTS credits. Students major in one subject, however they have to study one or two minor subjects and languages also.

All students are required to submit a thesis at the end of the programme. The master degree, on the other hand, involves completion of advanced studies and submission of a thesis. Their duration is two years and they are worth 120 ECTS credits.

Similarly for the licentiate and doctoral degree programmes submission of an elaborate thesis is essential. The doctoral degree programs last four years and amount to 240 ECTS credits. Research programs require students to conduct independent but supervised research work. They also have to participate in research seminars. Some students are even required to undertake subsidiary studies or produce scientific publications. All the doctoral theses are published and defended in a public debate.

The polytechnics offer bachelors and master degree programs. The courses at polytechnics are vocational in nature and train students for working in the industry. The bachelors degree programs involve 3.5 to 4.5 years of study and merit 210-270 ECTS credits. While, the duration for masters degree programs is 1.5 to 2 years and it is worth 60-90 ECTS credits.