Value of An Associate Degree

An associate degree is an undergraduate academic degree that is mainly awarded by a community college, junior college, technical college and some colleges which also offer four – year degree courses.

In the United States, a student gets eligible for an associate degree after two years of education or 60 college credits. The associate degree is considered equivalent to the first two years of a four year bachelor degree. There are a large number of subjects to choose from for an associate degree. The most popular subjects are science, art, business and engineering.

A good degree is absolutely essential if you want to survive the job market which is now highly competitive. A student must complement his associate degree with a fair amount of practical experience so that he/she becomes an asset to any company. The best paying jobs for someone who has an associate degree would be in the field of Nuclear Medicine, Medical Sonography, Dental Hygiene, Registered Nurse and Occupational Therapy.

In today’s world, every company has a demand for someone who has good writing skills, very good English skills and well conversant with computer. The students too can pick these skills during the course of his two years degree program and thereby increase his employability.

After the completion of the associate degree program, a student can opt for a short-term technical course that will make him eligible for a number of jobs. This type of training also helps to increase the confidence level of the students.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics clearly mentions that a person who is equipped with an associate degree can earn an average of $6600 extra when compared to workers who has only a high school diploma to show for.

The employment rate of the candidates who have an associate degree is also much higher than those who have only a high school diploma.

The associate degree is of only two years duration and is definitely a cheaper option when compared to the four year degree courses. The degree holds much importance in US education system and no discrimination is based on the basis of an associate degree.

If an associate degree holder wishes to study further, then he can complete the 3rd and 4th year of the Bachelors degree. He then becomes eligible for master degree programs too.