Water Management as a career option for the Youngster

Gone are the days of only engineering, management and medical as a career option. Moreover during the recession, professionals from these sectors received the hardest blow. Youngsters are now more inclined to new age career which will give them career growth, stability and a sense of achievement.

One such emerging and exciting area is water management. The scenario for agricultural, industrial and domestic purpose of water has witnessed tremendous change and with increasing population water management is the need of the hour.Increase in population, fast urbanization, sink in drinking water level has bought a warning sign for the water resource. Experts are already predicting that the third world war is going to happen over water (not oil or gold!). There has been a huge gap in the availability of clean drinking water (free from chemicals such as arsenic).With all these crisis world has realized the need of ‘water managers’ who can effectively manage the water resource.

Water management professionals can deal effectively to reduce pollution of water bodies by preventive means, increase agricultural output, planning cities to distribute water without waste etc. They have the latest knowledge of technology in harvesting water and put it to optimum usage.

Professionals with a civil, chemical and environment engineering are ideally suited for water management. They are sought after by private and government organizations for managing their water projects (like drinking water supply and management of waste water.).Large real estate firms, builders and architectural firms are aggressively hiring water management professionals for their large projects to implement effective water management (like rain water harvesting, water recycling, etc.).

Large industrial houses have also realized the importance of water recycle and reuse and they are also hiring experts to implement their projects. Beside job opportunities, there is an ample scope of consulting for effective water needs for private and government sector. Water treatment, hydro-geology and water treatment are some of the areas where there is a scope of consulting. A master or doctorate in Geology, chemistry, biology and agricultural science can be a gateway to this lucrative sector. People with diplomas in chemical testing and biology can also start their career here.

Reputed universities like Texas, Florida, Cranfield, University of Queensland, etc. offers courses in water management and ecology. Water management provides one with a numerous career options and in addition you can get that sense of achievement by doing something for mother earth!