Westwood College of Technology

The Westwood College of Technology had its beginnings in Denver, Colorado in 1953. Earlier known as the Denver Institute of Technology, the college offers diploma and degree courses in a plethora of technical fields. The Westwood College has 17 campuses located across sixteen states in the United States of America.
More than 20000 graduates have passed out of this institute since its inception.All the institutes under Westwood College of Technology are accredited to either the ACCSCT or the ACICS. Thus finishing a course at the college presents many a lucrative offer for the students.
Students at the Westwood College are provided with an opportunity to study at any of their seven schools including technology, business, design, justice, professional studies, industrial services and healthcare. Other than these soft skills for job procurement are also imparted at the college.
The student is assisted from the very beginning of his course at the college. The student orientation sessions and also the private tour option helps the student get acquainted to the surroundings. Each of the campuses of the college has a housing coordinator who provides the students with help in searching and arranging living quarters for students and also appointed room mates which help the students bond better with one another.
The campuses are Wi-Fi enabled and the learning centres have huge information databases for the student to learn from. Social activities like fund raisers and sports meet also take place on each of the campuses ensuring that there is never a dull moment. Free tutoring and advisors are provided to every student in the college. The college also provides discounts to the students to lower their cost incurred at the college.
Other than the seven campuses around the country, the College also has a reputed online learning program. The Online program allows the student to attain a degree in the subject of choice from the comfort of his home or workplace. The Online Education Database (OEDB) ranks the online program at Westwood College at ninth place. For the second year in a row Westwood college held a rank within the top ten.