Why and How to Improve your Vocabulary

You are here and reading this article for some reasons. What is that reason? Can I tell you the reasons?

It is very simple that you are facing the problems like you have the enough contents to speak or write, but you are unable to speak or convey or express or write your thoughts because you don’t have the enough vocabulary with you. Right? Not only you, a lot of people are facing this same kind of problem. Let’s continue reading to know some tips to improve your vocabulary.

Why to improve your vocabulary?

If you have the enough vocabulary,

  • It is possible to express your thoughts using some special words which sound more powerful than the normal words.
  • Able to write your exams successfully
  • Able to give a good presentation in college or workplace
  • Able to attend the job interview with confidence, etc.

OK. You have understood the importance of vocabulary. Now, let’s see

How to improve your vocabulary?

There are many ways are in use to improve your vocabulary. You can find those ways in the internet. But I will try to give you the best tips to improve your vocabulary.

1.    Act as a child

Try to act as a 10 year below old child for improving your vocabulary. The reason is that the child always asks questions and doubts immediately because they are innocent and they don’t feel shy and shame. But the adult won’t do that because they feel shy and shame. So, ask questions and clarify your doubts on new word to anyone you feel they are good or use the internet.

2.    Learn words etymologically

Try to learn the words etymologically using the books like “Word Power Made Easy” by Norman Lewis. This is one of the good approach to improve your vocabulary. If you learn in this way, your interest on improving vocabulary will increase. You won’t get bore with this book. Also, you won’t forget the words and its meanings easily in this way.

3.    Use words

Last but not least, you must use the words learnt in your daily life. Otherwise, sure you will forget the vocabulary after some days/months. So, this is the foremost important point that you need to give attention to retain the words learnt with you.