Williams College

One of the most popular liberal arts colleges in USA, Williams College was founded in the year 1793 from the funds generously donated by Colonel E.Williams.

The college at Williamstown is essentially a residential and private educational institute that is situated in a rural setting and in a vast 450 acres campus. Williams College is situated at northwestern Massachusetts. The exact location is near the Mount Greylock area in Berkshire.

One of the oldest colleges in America, Williams College accepted coeducation in the year 1970. Williams College is also one of the first colleges that allowed wearing of caps and gowns for graduation day ceremony. The college has three academic sections catering to the needs of students in humanities, science and social sciences.

Williams College has twenty five departments and thirty six majors, concentrations and special programs. The Williams College offers mainly graduate courses in history of art and developmental economics. The college has been ranked first in the 2011 edition of Best Colleges in Liberal Arts in USA.

Another striking feature of this college is its financial aid activities for international students. There are nearly 2000 students admitted to the undergraduate courses at Williams College.

The student teacher ratio at Williams College is 7:1 indicating the small sizes of its classes. The tuition fee at Williams College is approximately $41500. An academic year at Williams College follows 4-4-1 pattern with two four course semesters and a one course term.

The college gives priority to research studies and activities. This can be proved by the fact that almost all the faculties are involved in some type of research work at Williams College. To further their research activities the college successfully has taken support from Federal and state governments and many foundations.

The major courses at Williams College include – American studies, Arabic studies, Women studies, Asian studies, Anthropology, Art, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Literature, Classics, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Economics, Geosciences, English, History, Music, Philosophy, Mathematics, Religion, Sociology, Theatre etc.

The college also has options for off campus programs for its students, such as the Williams Exeter Programme at Oxford, programs in maritime studies and even programs in Africa.

To know more about Williams College, visit http://www.williams.edu or mail admission@williams.edu.