Wine Tasting As a Career

Wine tasting is the tasting of wines, and using the senses to gauge its quality. A wine taster is a person who specializes in tasting wines, using sight, smell, sound, and taste. Wine tasting has been around for centuries. A more formal and institutionalized approach was done only around the late fourteenth century.

Wine tasters use a variety of techniques that help them understand the composition, and quality of the wine. They see the wine, and gauge the quality or composition from the wine’s appearance like color, density, sparkle effect and so on. The wine is also smelt to understand its quality.

A wine taster usually takes in a sip, and feels the wine in his/her mouth. Based on the taste, an inference is made about the wine. The most important aspect is when the wine has been consumed, and the taste that lingers on.This is called the after-taste. After-taste is also a yardstick to measure the quality of wine.

Some wines are specially fermented in specialized barrels, to give them a distinct flavor. For example, a wine fermented in an oak barrel has a very special taste, and is quite expensive. The types of barrel also play a role. Some vineyards use new barrels, whereas some use old barrels.

Yet again, these factors give the wine distinct tastes. There is another fermentation process, wherein the sharp taste in bitter grapes is softened. The sharp taste is due to malic acid. The malic acid is converted to lactic acid. Lactic acid tastes smoother.

Vineyards that need to rate their wines to qualify for certain standards require wine tasters. Hotels, luxury yachts’, the rich and famous all need professional wine tasters to get the best wines for them. Wine tasting is really a royal job, and comes with its own perks and possibilities.

Although there exists no structured path, this often falls under the purview of the food and beverages department of the hospitality industry.

To get started as a wine taster, one needs to have a culture that runs along drinking wines. There should be a genuine interest in wines, as a beverage that quantifies to be worthy of being tested, tasted, and celebrated.


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