Writing A Film Review

Writing a film review is all about analysis & evaluation of films such that it discusses the individuality of a film from different parameters and perspectives. It is a critical way of commenting upon the structure of a specific film such that the criticism can be done on academic basis as is done under the discipline of film studies or can be done via journalist, writing for a specific newspaper, or a magazine or representing a specific broadcast media. An important characteristic of a film review is that it can influence the market of a film by its logical and critical in-depth analysis and can encourage or discourage the market appeal of a movie.

Writing a film review is different from writing a film criticism. There is definite way of writing a film review which involves watching a film once or twice and formulating an opinion regarding it in day or two. It also requires one to know the different genres of film like Realism (reality based films), classicism (entertainment value in film), formalism (pretentious & real combination), and feminism. It also demands one to understand the types of cinema i.e. a film falls in the category of drama, documentary, or fiction. One must know the kind of target audience for whom film review is to be written, their demographic and psychographic characteristics, their information related needs and the policies of the medium, for which the piece is being written.

Once an individual starts writing about a film, one should have an idea of the actors and director of that movie and the past work done by the same, awards won by them if any, in past, etc. Once the essential above mentioned information is collected, one should start by writing a good lead as it is the lead which will draw the audience into that article and may be later towards the cinema halls.

In the main body one can actually review the film by dividing it into different segments by i.e., talking about the strengths and weaknesses of direction, acting skills of characters, comment upon the settings and backgrounds used in film, its music, and the justice done to the script, etc.