Writing For Web

At present the world of World Wide Web is growing by leaps and bounds and is influencing our lives each day. The Web today has altered the way we think, shop, trade, watch movies, listen to music and enhance our knowledge bank. But what about all those who are responsible for creating this knowledge reservoir for us?

Definitely they have made all the information available online for us and that too with immediacy, flexibility, permanency, capacity and interactivity like qualities attached to it. This proves that writing for web is not an easy task but requires one to take care of certain rules and tools with respect to its target audience and their information needs.

It is an obvious fact that the target audience for web based content has increased exponentially and web based content has become a major information provider for almost all demographic groups. Also, whether the audience is broad or narrow, people visit websites because they want to know certain things and at present the audience are well aware of their information related needs, what they want to read and what they want to avoid. Hence as a web writer, one should know that at one point of time good number of people visit a website and have specific needs.

The written content should fulfil those needs in the best possible way. For this one should keep following characteristics of web writing in mind namely efficiency which means that one should write with minimum number of words and express more. The web content should not waste readers’ time and should be expressed with simplicity.

Tone of the written content must meet the readers expectations and since the medium is audio-video friendly, hence the content should be made more attractive by adding visual aspects to it. Visual aspects of web writing include proper hyper links, apt paragraph spacing, indentions and bullet lists for extra and important details.

Web content writing structure can be categorised into various parts like inverted pyramid style of writing, labels in the content, right headlines, summaries at the end, proper subheads, and pictures, graphics, audio video clips, links to other websites,discussion forums and maps to make it look interesting.